Strength Studio

We Build Better Bodies

At Strength Studio, we offer 1-on-1 personalized training performed by certified professionals. We believe individualized training is the key to efficient results.  Our staff is highly skilled in the art and science of fat loss and human performance. We use this knowledge to design customized programs that will address your specific needs.

Since opening our doors in 2007, Strength Studio has provided superior personal training  for clients of every physical level in our well-equipped distraction-free gym.

The individual is the basis for all exercise and nutrition recommendations. We maintain precise records for each client, this allows us to make educated adjustments when needed. We are constantly searching for more effective ways to accelerate fat loss, improve athletic performance, and increase strength. We routinely reevaluate everything we do to ensure we are never complacent. We never dismiss any method, but we will question every method. If it can be improved, we will experiment and try to improve.

Personal Trainer/Front desk

Position: Personal Trainer/Front Desk

Location: Strength Studio Inc. of Fort Worth (Edward's Ranch Road and Bryant Irvin)

Start Date:  April 2018

Certification/Education Level:

  • A High School Diploma Or Equivalent required

  • Personal Training Certification and/or degree in related field

  • CPR/AED ( Automated External Defibrillator) certified

  • At least 1 year personal training experience at commercial gym


  • Highest compensation in the industry

  • Earning potential of $70K+

  • High level clientele, including Olympic and Professional athletes

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Build client base through conducting fitness assessments and demonstrating the value of personal training
  • Plan and implement customized resistance training programs based on the individual's needs and goals
  • Provide hospitality to all members
  • Maintain a clean and safe gym environment


  • Desire to educate members on health and wellness topics
  • Understand principles of physical fitness and proper exercise technique
  • Possess excellent customer service skills
  • Possess the willingness to learn job related skills (sales, nutrition, etc...)
  • Ability to self-promote and network
  • Possess excellent communication skills, written and verbal.

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